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to washington to deal with flight security lapses after an attempt to blow up a plane. >>> and a bitter cold arctic blast. the windchill is going to make it feel like temperatures in the teens and even the single digits. >>> but we begin with a report that two washington wizards players pulled guns on each other at the verizon center. good evening. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm doreen gentzler. gilbert arenas reportedly pulled a gun on fellow teammate javarris crittenden. the report comes from the "new york post," but we've learned that d.c. police are looking into the matter. pat collins is at the verizon center with more this afternoon. >> doreen, guns. star athletes. a locker room. a police investigation. sounds like a recipe for a scandal. and the wizar say they're taking this situation seriously and cooperating fully. explosive allegations in the "new york post" saying wizards star gilbert arenas pulled a gun on teammate javarris crittenden. the "post" says it happened in the team locker room during an argument over a gambling debt. the paper says that arenas drew a gun on crittenden and
the uninvited guest, but a washington area party pro momenter, carlos allen is arriving at the event and allen slipped into the gala by pretending to be part of the official indian delegation. although allen initially denied attending the dinner, his attorney says he was there, but received an invitation. okay. >>> an airport outside los angeles is back up no speed this morning after security scare yesterday shut down the terminal for hours. several containers filled with an amber liquid turned out to be honey. jars of honey. just as the owner had tried to tell them. and officials at nuke liberty airport says a camera system was not fully working when a man passed through a checkpoint. the tsa had to request assistance from continental airlines to confirm the man left the airport. >> the tsa is on a cell phone, and instead of looking at the vitdos, they were actually watching boise state. >> that was a good game, though. >> that was a good game. i'm seeing texas christian looks like they are going to win. >> tough call. >>> a new study raising more doubts about the effectiveness of anti-depres
times" with pictures and had nine similar to other papers. this morning, within a "the washington post," the editorial -- averting chaos in haiti. the paper writes of this -- yet the obama administration has balked helping haitians currently here illegally granting them temporary legal status, this despite u.s. of -- law that specifically allows the government to extend temporary protected status to undocumented immigrants in natural disasters all wars and a home countries make it impossible to deport them. the editorial goes on to say this -- that is "the washington post" this morning. "the new york times" editorial at those the washington post. calling for allowing haitians in the united states who are here illegally to find work. "the new york times" echoing "the washington post." the first phone call comes from chris on independent mine in ohio. good morning. caller: the morning. everybody keeps getting -- host: go ahead, we can hear you. caller: pat robertson was right. it did -- they did sell their souls to the devil. not that we should not help -- we should help. they went with
>>> this is 9 news now. >>> washington wizards point guard gilbert arenas no stranger to controversy but now one of basketball's star players could be in trouble with the law. tonights the washington wizards top player is caught up in a criminal investigation. the new york post reports that gilbert arenas and a teammate drew guns on each other in the team's locker room at the verizon center. the christmas eve argument allegedly stemmed from a gambling argument. armando trull has reaction. good evening, armando. >> reporter: that's right. the story appears to be this can no longer be called the verizon center but the verizon corral and there was a showdown. gilbert arenas had no comment. in fact he ducked our camera today and no wonder the new york post is reporting the washington wizards franchise player allegedly waved a gun in his teammate's face during a locker room dispute over gambling debt. the story quotes nba sources is alleging that creditten don't then pulled his gun at arenas and this prompted the christmas eve release that made no mix mention of the alterc
in for steve chenevey this hour. live shot of downtown washington. happy new year to you. happy new year to you as well. >> you too. >> and to tucker barnes. >> tucker celebrated for the both of us last night. >> which i can't believe. >> i was up late. >> he thinks' still 30. >> i am still 30. >> i know we all kind of je about making new year's resolutions but it is, whether it is literally or figuratively, sort of a way to put the past behind you and move on. >> it is. move on and hope for better things. >> so we'll move on from that recent weather we had around here yesterday and we're featuring a little sunshine today. >> that will be great. >>then after thatwe won't want to talk about the weekend. but for today, thins look great. well,hings look better. 34t reagan national. some fog to the west and south of washington. we have a dense fog advisory for much of central and southern virginia just to let you know that. out to the west, gurvir reported a little fog on her ride in. >> a lot. >> and there is the possibility of refreezing on some of those surfaces. we have had rain, snow and sleet
on "andrea mitchell reports," game change, the hot new book making waves in washington even before it hits stores. today on "the daily rundown," white house chief of staff rahm emanual explaining why the president accepted harry reid's apology for racially insensitive remarks. >> he knows harry reid. he trusts harry reid and harry reid has absolutely the confidence of the president and the rest of the democratic caucus. >> critics still want reid to resign, republican critics, we should say, resign as majority leader. >>> comments on reopening the national conversation about race. >> i don't understand what's demeaning. i've talked to any number of black elected officials over the years, reporting on this book. and all of them have been called worse, including barack obama. >> an apology to america. he has insulted a great number of persons. >> other juicy book notes? candidate obama's frustration with joe biden. sarah palin's divine inspiration and a bo dice-ripping screaming match between john and elizabeth edwards. and, of course, hillary clinton's reality check to barack obama on her h
from washington. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> so how the fed are telling it there was a second person detained in the christmas day plane plot. plus, a possible motive for the deadly attack on a cia base in afghanistan and rush limbaugh speaking out about his health care. i'm gregg jarrett in for shepard smith and the news begins now. >> who will take charge of security in the skies? week after an attempted attack, new problems for the president's pick to lead the transportation security administration. why the nominee is correcting the record about something he calls a grave error in judgment. a devastating attack on u.s. intelligence on the afghan-pakistan border, new details on the bombing that killed seven cia workers, what it tells us about our strategy in the region, the risks and the future of the fight. and as the ball dropped and the crowds cleared, they were watching. >> for our command post, post 8. >> catherine herridge takes us where reporters have never gone before. >> how tough is it? >> behind the scenes with the fbi at the biggest party of
temperatures have dropped below 32. here in washington, we are 35, 36 so we'll be just fine. off to the west and northwest, there will be some slick spots. there are some spots where we have dense fog forming. it should be an okay day. i think there will be at least a little sunshine in your forecast. you can see the rain showers an even a little bit of winter weather activity. you can see that things have really quieted down here. it is actually going to be a little milder than it's been. 35 at reagan national. we are fine here. there are your winds out of the north. the wds will start to fire up and they are going to get breezy, if not gusty at times late this afternoon as we have one in a series of arctic storms start to move through. the cold air will arrive tonight. if you like cold temperatures, you will love this five-day forecast. >> i like the cold. i just don't like the wind with it. if we could get the wind out of here. >> they go together, don't they? >> sometimes. >> if you live in wyoming, i know they do. >> not a lot of traffic to talk about today so just be aware we won't ve
's resolution time and the health and fitness clubs in the washington area and throughout the country are out in full force. 9 news now digital correspondent alex trevino is live from northwest washington with more. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning. of course to estimates 45% of americans will make fitness and weight loss their resolution this new year. unfortunately, the statistics show that after a few weeks of those goals begin to fade and after a few months most just don't return. joining us live is bret west, spokesperson for sport and health here on brandy wine in northwest washington. talk to us about tips to stay on track. >> we find -- we find a lot of people come in the new year and want to set up big goals. one of the best things to do is set measurable goals. you don't take a whole piece of bread and stuff it in your mouth, one bite at a time. fitness is the same thing. a little bit at a time and find buddy, a partner to help you keep accountable. we find that you know 12% of people who set a new year's resolution actually accomplish it. i think by setting obtainable
. and now facing multiple terror investigations back here in washington. so, what went wrong? who will be held accountable, if anyone? >>> and just moments ago, secretary of state hillary clinton with her first comments about the aborted christmas day airplane bombing and the threat in yemen. >> the situation in yemen is a top concern. how can we work together and with others to stabilize yemen, assist in securing its borders and providing for its people in combatting al qaeda. the instability in yemen is a threat to regional stability, and even global stability. >>> the fallout for air travelers. new rules, new delays. and a false alarm at newark international caused them grief overnight. >>> this hour homeland security and intelligence expert congresswoman jain harman, plus eleanor hill, the staff director from the 9/11 investigation. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams and nbc terrorism analyst michael sheehan and roger cressey. and counter terror chief john brennan takes on criticism from former vice president dick cheney. >> i'm very disappointed in the vice presiden
will discuss how and why the fed was created. "washington journal" is next. ♪ host: two democratic senators are opting not to run for 2010. christopher dodd of connecticut, and the senator from north dakota. bill ritter from colorado also will not run. good morning, everyone on this wednesday, january 6. we begin with the healthcare debate and caecilians request to have access to the negotiations. c-span ceo brian lamb wrote a letter on december 30 to the house leader saying that now it moves to the critical stage we respectfully request that you allow the public full access through television. this has sparked some headlines this morning in newspapers. i want to show you the headlines from roll-call this morning. that is in newspapers this morning as well. we heard a response yesterday from house speaker nancy pelosi's and senate majority leader harry reid also putting out a statement. politico this morning, the live pulse section, has this to say about the request for tv access. "and c-span standing as a trusted non-partisan player gives republicans more ammo to hit democrats with." we wa
this morning if you still feel too impaired to drive yourself. the washington regional alcohol program is still offering its sober ride program. you can get a free cab ride up to $50 until the end of this hour. call 1-800-200-taxi. >>> new today a threatening start to the new year in d.c. police are investigating a shooting outside of a church service. the gunfire eruped outside of the building in 3000 block of naylor street. >> reporter: somebody decided to ring in the new year with gun shots here in southeast at a church. now this morning we talked to the pastor of that church. the new life praise temple. he said a gunman opened fire outside of the churn. the shots flu in through a window but did not hit anyone inside. he said there were about 40 people inside the building for a new year's eve service. he also said that there were about five or six shots fired. people inside the church said they were just singing, worshipping, praising, and then they heard the gunfire and saw the shattered glass and they hit the deck, lying on the floor they said they were scared to death but remarkably no on
it. host: thank you for your call. in the op ed section of " washington times -- of "the washington times" this morning "democrats keeping health care secrets away from the public. it might be a new year, but congressional democrats are planning the same old sorts of sleazy tactics in their bid to take over america's health-care system. congressional republicans, especially in the senate, should lot let them get away with it. transparency and ethics should be republican rallying cries, and obstruction on those grounds should be a point of pride. by now it's almost right to complain that president obama repeatedly has broken his campaign pledge to broadcast negotiations on c-span so that american people and see what the choices are. that does not make that point invalid. for legislation that could so profoundly and personally affected the lives of every american, congress and the white house should be more transparent and accessible than ever before. instead, the process has been secretive and sorted throughout ." salisbury, maryland. that morning. -- good morning. your thoughts on t
of washington, d.c. the train was headed to florida when the engine's front wheels lost contact with the rails. investigators are checking whether the material below the tracks was too high. some passengers got bumps and bruises but luckily there were no serious injuries. >>> president obama has changed his mind, it looks like, about establishing a special fiscal commission. in a statement the president says he now supports establishing a bipartisan panel that could propose sweeping tax increases and spending cuts. the commission's goal would be to try and cut the soaring federal debt. in a statement yesterday the president said this. "the only way to solve our long-term fiscal challenges is to solve it together, democrats and republicans." >>> witnesses say they saw a ball of fire in the sky before a small plane crashed into a home in sugar grove, illinois. that's about 35 miles west of chicago. the two men on the plane were killed. other witnesses said it sounded like the plane was having engine problems yesterday before it went down. the ntsb said it was broken into several pieces. the men
and 7:00 a.m. in washington we're in a few hours president obama will discuss major changes in the way american security services operate in the wake of the failed airline bombing. an al qaeda double agent was a responsible for blowing up seven cia officers and one jordanian at their afghan base last week. more on that in a moment, but first a report on a president who wants answers. >> this is one flight that probably didn't enforce the new security rules, but the president returned from his holiday knowing it is down to him to keep america safe, and he has work to do. first, mr. obama had a lengthy meeting with his top counterterrorism adviser, john brennan, leading the inquiry about how this airplane came so close to blowing up in the sky. the secretary of state will be one at the height meeting -- high-level meeting at the white house. >> we are looking to see if whether the procedures need to be changed, upgraded. we will be meeting with the president to go over our internal reviews and hear what others in our government also have concluded and to take whatever additional steps ne
. >> good morning, washington. it is a cold morning out there. looking at doppler, look at the temperatures around the region. 18 degrees on the eastern shore. 17 in baltimore. at washington national airport, 20 degrees right now. you factor winds, we have wind chills in the single digits. let's show you the forecast for today. plenty of sunshine out there. we will be warm at midday, if you can call it that, to about 30 degrees. maybe 32 to 35 the high. sunny, breezy, and chilly out there. and our cold time is going to continue right into tuesday and into wednesday when we finally start to see some moderation. we will see temperatures rising to 45 by thursday. just a little snow shower activity into thursday. enjoy your sunday, and thank you for watching. have you gotten your seasonal flu vaccination? great - but your work's not done yet. we still need to get the h1n1 flu vaccination. you, me -- we should all get one. the vaccine is safe and proven effective against this highly contagious new strain of flu virus. we can help prevent the spread of this virus if we aljust roll up our sleeves.
should go out there. >> sean: in all fairness he wind the only one away from washington in the aftermath of this attempted attack. the president was in hawaii. homeland security secretary janet napolitano was in san francisco telling us, that the system worked. maybe you know that is what general jones thought was so shocking many joining me with more an of is former presidential candidate tennessee senator fred thompson. welcome back, happy new year. >> thank you sean happy new year. >> sean: what do you find shocking in the announcement today and press conference? >> the fact that a person that practically has i am a terrorist tattooed on their forehead, could get through the system and get on this plane and almost kill 300 people. i think that's the shocking thing about it. there was every indication this guy was a bad news like you say he paid cash for his ticket. he was a young male muslim. he went through yemen. he checked no luggage on an international flight. i have been pulled out of line, i'm sure you have, on several different occasions. >> sean: more than you. >> patted down
of homeland security in washington. pete, good evening. >> reporter: brian, about 2,000 flights a day arrive in the u.s. from overseas. now the department of homeland security is requiring more intensive screening for many of the passengers who fly on them, including some americans. among the first of the world's airports to adopt the new rules were benazir bhutto international in pakistan and germany's largest airport in frankfurt. >> i'd rather have a little more time in my travels and a safe efficient ride than something like that happen. >> reporter: airlines that fly to the u.s. from overseas must now give full-body patdowns and physically inspect the luggage of all travelers from or traveling through countries considered high risk. 14 countries where terror groups are known to operate or draw support including nigeria where the accused christmas day bomb plotter is from. and other overseas passengers must be selected at random, including some returning americans for the same enhanced screening. >> we have provided now for 100% enhanced screening for people who have either traveled from
the wrestling ring, can she survive the white house? and the candidate hoping to take her moves to washington. >>> good evening. we begin tonight with that chilling video. the al qaeda suicide bomber responsible for the deadly attack against the cia in afghanistan, killing seven agents. he turned up today in a videotape made before his suicide mission. he had been recruited by the cia, but he was a double agent. on his tape, he reveals his motive and warns more attacks will come. nick schifrin starts us off from kabul. >> reporter: the cia thought the man on the right could lead them to al qaeda's deputy leader, instead he led them into a trap. he had already provided exclusive information on al qaeda hiding places, so the cia invited him onto the base. but when he arrived he looked suspicious, holding his hands in his pocket, according to a u.s. official. just before cia security officers searched him, he exploded his vest. the cia director today defended the officers who have died -- that damage has come largely thanks to a barrage of missile strikes by unmanned aerial drones. inhe days sin
. >>> with new revelations about and interview with an actual member of the secretive washington, d.c., religious outfit the family, ladies and gentlemen, here is rachel maddow. good evening, rachel. >> good evening, keith. thanks very much for that. and thanks to you at home for staying with us for the next hour. indeed, tonight we are doing something on this show we've been waiting to do for a very, very long time. after months of us covering c street and the secretive religious organization as the family that runs c street, the secretive religious group with ties to many well known politicians, finally, a member of the family has finally agreed to come on this show to talk about it. his name is bob hunter and here's your spoiler alert. the reason he has decided to be here is not because he's been all that happy with our reporting on this show. i'm very, very much looking forward to the opportunity to talk to bob hunter. that is the interview tonight coming up in just a moment. we'll also be reporting on the republican quest to bring the bad old days of the bush administration's anti-terror pol
with new revelations about and an interview with a member of the secretive washington outfit the family. here's rachel maddow. >> thank you, keith. >>> we're doing something on this show we've been waiting to do for a long time. after months of us covering c street, and the organization known as the family that runs c street. a group with ties to many well known politicians, finally a member of the family has finally agreed to come on this show to talk about it. his name is bob hunter, and here's your spoiler alert, the reason he has decided to be here is not because he's been all that happy with our reporting on this show. i'm very, very much looking forward to the opportunity to talk to bob hunter. that is is the interview coming up in a moment. >>> we'll also be reporting on the republican quest to bring back the battle days of the republican anti-terror days. >>> the one political movement too crazy for even glenn beck. >>> an an anti-terrorism story that may as well have been written by "the onion," it has a happy ending. >>> president obama delivering a nationally televised soberi
. washington center for internships and academic seminars hosts this event that he speaks for an hour. >> is my time to welcome our first guest speakers today, juan zarate. zarate, to the inside washington weeklong seminar, congress and the obama presidency. this program is one that brings to washington undergraduate students from all over the united states. i've been associated with this program as faculty director for about 10 years. and this is a program which is very dear to my heart. and we have consistently had some of the best, most authoritative speakers available. and cerda, this is true of juan zarate. there is a scene in the 1975 movie about the watergate invasion, all the presidents men. and there's a meeting in an underground washington garage and watch how holbrook, playing an informant known by the name of deep throat, tells robert redford playing bob warburg, the "washington post" reporter, that if he wants to find out who is responsible for the water great burglary, at democratic party headquarters, at the watergate, you should follow the money. well, we have some here today wh
problems in the future. wendell goler is following all of this from our washington newsroom tonight. wendell, what do we know? >> well, julie, the president got two briefings, his counter terrorism director focus cussed on the intelligence community's failure to connect the dots and determine the threat posed by umar abdul mutallab while the secretary of homeland security looked at how the young nigerian was able to go through airports in ghana, nigeria and netherlands and board a plane bound for detroit with a bomb sown in his underwear. janet napolitano said she is sending senior aides at airports around the world. lee hamilton says abdul mutallab should have been flagged at the ticket counter. >> you learned he paid cash. you learned he didn't have a credit card. you learned he didn't put any baggage on the airplane. you have learned the u.k. had denied him a visa. >> senate intelligence committee head dianne feinstein plans hearings next month on why abdul mutallab wasn't flagged for airport screening even though he was on the terrorist data base. feinstein sent president obama
clubs are ready with early classes. alex trevino is live from northwest washington with more. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, jessica. health club employees privately call them resolutes. they are the new faces that show up to fitness centers this time of the year determined to fulfill their new year's eve resolutions to stay in shape and lose weight. and many health clubs like this one, sport and health, this is the busiest time of the year. in addition to new members current members use the start of the year to work toward their goals an the outdoor weather makes it hard to codo workouts outside. so you are better to be in the gym. this morning we are talking to a fitness health expert about getting started and a workout specifically tailored for your needs and the best way to follow through and stick with it. so we will be talking to some fitness experts here at the sport and health club. reporting live in sport and health club, 9 news now and wusa9.com. >>> it is a boy. innova alexandria hospital reports the first baby of the new year was born three minutes after
shively joins us from washington with details. hello, caroline. >> hello do you, brian. revenge in a just released videotape released the jordanian says that's why he killed operatives in afghanistan because they killed a pakistani taliban leader with a missile strike in august and says he turned down millions of dollars from the u.s. and jordan who wanted him to spy on other militants and the authenticity of the tape hasn't been confirmed by officials, but the father says it is his son. the man thought to be him taped the video shortly before he went on the u.s. base and blew up seven cia employees and himself in afghanistan. a pakistani television report says that the double agent shared jordanian and u.s. secrets with militants before the attack and says on the tape, quote, we will never forget the blood of our year, referring to the ted taliban leader, the jordanian tells other jihadists it's their duties to go after america hardest. >> this attack will be the first of the operation, against their team, afghanistan and pakistan border. >> washington post reports before the blast the v
, everybody, alex. i'm david shuster in washington. >> good afternoon, david. tamron hall has the day off. we're waiting to hear from president obama. moments ago the white house pushed back the time he's scheduled to speak. it's now set for 4:30 eastern time. he will then give details of a report he ordered from deputy security adviser on the missteps voupding the christmas day bombing attempt aboard the northwest airlines jet and why it was not prevented. national security adviser jim jones said the report will shock americans. shortly after the president speaks, set for 4:45 at this point, top brass from homeland security agency will join robert gibbs and take questions from reporters. let's go to nbc white house correspondent savannah guthrie with the latest. savannah, any reason given to you for the pushback by 90 minutes? >> no. i have one more update for you. the briefing you machinesed by janet napolitano and gibbs has been moved from 4:45 to 5:15. i certainly asked what reason is for these delays and we haven't been given a response. my guess is what they are doing is some last minut
of his intelligence chiefs when he returns to washington this week. he had really hoped to start this year, 2010, focusing on health care and the economy but those issues now on the back burner. his weekly address this morning in that he provides a new tail about the plot to bomb flight 253 on christmas day. >> also we have a sports schedule to tell you about this morning that does not involve tiger woods. nba and washington, d.c. police are investigating a report that two members of the washington wizards basketball teadrew guns on one another in the team's locker room during an argument over gambling debts. why guns seem to become part of the culture for some professional athletes. >> we've seen police use facebook to track down crimes. now the tables have turned on them. an escaped convict has been using it to taunt police with clues as to where he is. the facebook fugitive has more than 30,000 friends at last count still out there. >> why can't they take down his account? we'll get to that later. >>> also coming up the perils of peering into the future. there was a time when
before the botched attack. live in washington. what do we know about that last phone conversation? >> well excuse me shannon that report suggests that that final phone call is really what triggered the father into action. abc news reporting that the suspect in that call warned his father it would be his last contact with the family and that the people he was with in yemen were about to destroy his sim card. the father reportedly contacted they skbrer yan -- nigerian officials who took him directly to the cia chief in nigeria's capital. state department confirms immediately passed on some information about sri lankan -- umar farouk abdulmutallab to other em be as and i intelligence official told fox that the cia's desk began preparing a fuller report on the suspect but that was never completed or disseminated before the christmas day attack shannon. shannon: we know president obama has gotten some preliminary reports back the reviews he wanted to see do we know anything about the changes he's being urged to make? >> shannon the president got that report series of brefgs and confere
player of the week. the young man who tells washington's top reporters when they are wrong. all right now on "fox news sunday." hello again from fox news in washington. the new focus here in the capital is on job creation and there was good news friday about strong fourth quarter growth. joining us now to talk about the economy, the president's revised agenda and more are four key congressional players. and gentlemen, welcome back to "fox news sunday." >> thank you. >> thank you. >> let's start with the big picture. congressman ryan as the top rap on the house committee you called the president's state of the union speech insincere and then added this. he inched his rhetoric to the middle while doubling down in the substance and policies he has been pushing all along. the president proposed a spending freeze. he proposed tax credits. he proposed eliminating the capital gains tax for all investment in small business, to paraphrase him in the state of the union. why aren't you applauding. >> hthe freeze is delayed one year so this really isn't fiscal discipline. it is the rhetoric of fiscal
a church service in washington this morning, the president spoke about how faith keeps people going during these tough times. a top official leading the u.s. government's relief efforts in haiti says incidents of violence are hurting attempts to get aid to victims. the streets have been largely calm and violence is increasing, 1,000 u.s. troops in haiti and more than 3,000 others work from ships. 12,000 u.s. forces are expected to be in the region by tomorrow. >>> a u.n. worker has been rescued after spending a week trapped under a collapsed building. the man was rescued from the collapsed u.n. headquarters in haiti's capital. search and rescue crews have been working nonstop. first order of business after being free, making sure he was okay. >> does your neck hurt? >> no. >> have you having any difficulty breathing? >> no. >> do you have any pain in your back? >> only from -- >> only from being -- i'm bruised but nothing -- >> took us four hours to get to him. we got a visual on about three and had him out in four. >> that wasn't the only good news, search and rescue team from the new yor
raddatz, abc news, sanaa, yemen. >>> our thanks to martha. and back to washington. a stunning piece of video today, surfacing on that third white house party crasher. he's a washington party planner. pierre thomas picks up the story. >> reporter: this man gets out of a van, looks around once, then proceeds right through the front door of the white house to the state dinner. there's just one problem. carlos allen, who appears to be the man in this video, a washington, d.c. socialite and party giver, was not invited to the party. it appears the salahis were not the only uninvited guests at that state dinner. >> it's unacceptable and it's got to be corrected. >> reporter: sources tell abc news allen mingled with the indian delegation which gathered at washington's willard hotel. there, the group went through an initial security screening as requested by the indian government. it's unclear if allen was ever asked to show identification. when the group arrived at the white house by van, secret service personnel then waved them in, no names checked, assuming everyone in the van was suppos
washington with revelations about president obama, the clintons and sarah palin. how it could affect the president's agenda. >>> the bonus backlash. those bailed out banks dishing out fat bonuses now. is this acceptable behavior for the companies that brought the economy to its knees? >>> night shift. nbc confirms it is moving jay leno again. but will leno and conan o'brien go along with this? >>> and, happiness inc. she showed millions a road from misery to inner peace. so, why is she now on a different road? >>> good evening. washington, a town powered by gossip, is consumed tonight by a book spilling dozens of secrets from the 2008 campaign. today, top republicans were calling for harry reid to resign as the senate majority leader, afternoon just one of those secrets was revealed. reid's prediction that then candidate barack obama could become president because he was, quote, light skinned and had no negro dialect. today, the head of the republican party said there is a double-standard at work here. >> there is this standard where democrats feel they can say these things and they
command over various al qaeda offshoots. rachel martin has more on the recording from washington. >> in his latest message, osama bin laden claims the christmas day bomber as one of his own and takes responsibility for the attack. the bin laden message comes as new details emerge about the attack and how it was handled. according to the associated press abdulmutallab arrived at a local hospital at 2:00 p.m. escorted by detroit police. there he made incriminating statements to a doctor about trying to detonate an explosive. around 3:30 fbi agents began interviewing the suspect in his hospital room where he talked openly about his links to al qaeda operatives in yemen. ten hours after the incident when investigators told him he had the rit to remain silent, he did. >> he was cooperating until he got a lawyer. now, that -- that makes it almost impossible for us to pursue the leads that the christmas bomber might have. that to me is unbelievable. >> reporter: some lawmakers say if bin laden is calling abdulmutallab one of his soldiers the u.s. should treat him like an enemy combatant
, there is a way you can get home safely without getting behind the wheel. the washington regional alcohol program is offering the sober ride program again this year. it covers fares up of to #r5 dollars and it runs -- $50 and it runs through friday. all you have to do is call 1-800-200-taxi if you need a ride. bus district will also be extended. the georgetown union station route will end at 2:00 a.m. the square metro route will be running in the 3:30 in the morning. service will return to regular hours on new year's day. >>> organizers estimate 1 million people will pack into new york's time square for the big apple traditional celebration. it's getting very close now. police are out to make sure everybody has a safe and memorable time. carter joins us. >> reporter: right smack in the center of the cross roads, you look behind me probably about a million people behind me. so we have some rain, we have some snow falling. but, do you know what, it doesn't seem to be dam peng spirits here at -- dampening spirits here at time square. these people are prepared. they've been here all day long. the par
's go back to washington. this is the scene live in the grand foyer. our main story, that president obama is meeting with top intelligence and security officials. we expect the president to speak in the next few moments. as we wait for him to leave that meeting and speak to the assembled media, let's speak to philip thomas. he has been away for 11 days in hawaii, and as well as the obvious security measures we think he will be announcing today, something of a damage limitation exercise politically for him. >> he wants to be in control, chris, firm, and share some of the outrage that america is feeling and show that he acknowledges the national sense of shock out there. there has been a great deal of criticism over the fact that after christmas day -- it seemed to take a few days for the white house to get its message together. he will be announcing policy changes, and we are hearing a bit of that already, with the decision for example not to repatriate yen many criminals -- yemeni criminals. >> is anybody in the firing line for the mistakes that have been made? >> i think people wil
with the latest from washington. >> hi, shannon, the connection to the al-qaeda presence in yemen. president obama says the u.s. is at war against a far reaching network of violence and hatred and will do whatever it takes to defeat them. the president vacationing in hawaii an initial plot to bomb the amsterdam to u.s. flight christmas day has more details about the suspect. >> we know that he traveled to yemen, a country grappling with poverty and to join afail yacht of al-qaeda, trained him, equipped him with explosives and directed him to attack that plane headed for america. >> the president said he expects his counterterrorism and homeland security advisors to present final results of their inquiry as well as recommendations about how to proceed in the days to come. in the republican weekly radio and internet response today, the top g.o.p. senator, mitch mcconnell says the new year brings renewed hope and optimism. with two on going wars, recession and unemployment 10%, obama says it's difficult days for our nation, but went on to say these challenges do not define us as a people and difficul
saying he won't run in the fall either. dana bash joins us from washington. what led to senator dodd's decision not to seek re-election? >> reporter: a very, very tough re-election battle ahead, that's really the bottom line on this, john. as you know, senator chris dodd has made the united states senate his life. he's been in the senate for three decades, but he has had a series of very, very tough political battles. in connecticut, starting with the fact that he moved to iowa to run for president with his wife and his two small children, that's when connecticut voters started to turn on him, then the fact that he is the senate banking chairman and obviously wall street went south. there's been a lot of attention paid to the fact that he has close ties with the banking community. so all of those things, combined with the fact that it is just not a good potential year for democrats, made senator dodd decide finally to retire and not run again. >> so what does this mean for democrats in terms of their chances in the 2010 election? do they have a good solid candidate who could replace
is in washington with the details. >> reporter: president obama is looking to expose the failures leading up to that botched attack. in the meantime, a familiar name has surfaced in the investigation. authorities believe american-born cleric anwar al alahi played a role months before the attack. he reportedly communicated with the suspect. abd abd abdulmutallab. he apparently counseled three of the hijackers and communicated with hassan. but the imam denies any link to al qaeda claiming he's only a spiritual mentor. >> there's always this association between islam and terrorism. when that is not true at all. i mean, islam is a religion of peace. >> reporter: president obama has already received his first report about the christmas day incident. next week he'll meet personally with officials to talk more about what went wrong. preliminary findings blame communication breakdowns among various agencies. intelligence officials knew al qaeda was preparing a nigerian in yemen for an attack, but the clues were never put together in time. officials say those responsible for the mishap will be held a
in washington, not only the nature of partisanship and the combative nature of how things have become more combative since he first got here, but he was somewhat of a critic of the obama administration so that their focus on health care and climate change was misplaced and they should be focused on jobs. he is a classic prairie populist. he is young enough that if he retires from the senate now, he can have another career. he has written some books and he likes to lecture. he would be well courted for lobbying. he has lots of different options in front of him. >> is north dakota a possible republican pickup. >> it absolutely is. in a sense, the two we're talking about, one has gone from leans republican to likely democrat and this other one from heavily favored democrats in north dakota to probably republican. the very, very popular governor of north dakota is a little bit like richard blumenthal. he has been talked about as a senate canada for many years. he won a third term with 70% of the vote. he was reluctant to take on byron dorgan, but now he will probably be talked into doing it. >
and the party crashing salahis? good day. i'm andrea mitchell live in washington. president obama is demanding answers today from his security and counter terror teams. in-depth report from leaders on where the investigation now stands. attorney general eric holder will being on the christmas day bombing suspect. how to detect security threats at the borders, counter terror adviser john brennan will be offering his review of just what went wrong. that, plus the latest, of course, from the intelligence chiefs. chuck todd is our correspondent there. welcome back from balmy hawaii to the cold white house lawn. >> reporter: yeah. >> a rude awakening for the president and you and everyone else on the team. what is the mood from the white house going into this critical meeting? >> i think the white house feels they are actually in control of the situation better this week than last week. it's tough to handle the public relations aspect of all this from afar while the white house always moves with the president and he certainly has all the same access to information, the pr management of this has bee
times," front payable of "the washington post," the story we talked about yesterday morning on the show. >> yes, richard engel broke it on the show. didn't you call "the new york times" about the cia double agent bomber? >> last week. >> oh, right. well, that's too bad. but that's great that richard got that story together and it's an incredible piece, both front page of "the new york times" and "the washington post" this morning. >> it's a very important story. the cia still reeling from it. >> the president also is demanding a meeting with security officials today. and this is interesting, joe. after agencies did not share information ahead of that attempted plane attack. it comes as the u.s. embassy has reopened in yemen. >> yeah, they've got problems doing that. in local news, let me ask you this and willie. the jets' owner daughter died a real tragedy right after a big one for them. just a game. but that's a sad story. >> very sad story. he's a lovely guy, and he's been active in a lot of charitable work. it's really just heartbreaking. the whole circumstance of her death is really
for "washington examiner". well, he has gotten himself into a fix. >> he says he's not going to talk about it anymore. he said he made a final statement on this. the key moment in this reid affair happened saturday afternoon. right after the news broke. because that was when the white house sent out a statement from the president saying that senator reid made an unfortunate choice of words and he's a good man and president obama supports him and he, president obama considers this matter closed. that sent a signal to democrats everywhere, defend reid. they circled the wagon. senators defended him. and congressional black caucus surrounded him. it's clear democrat are not going to let senator reid go down. >> who should accept at polling? president obama was insulted right? the target of this express target of it. what about african americans in nevada, in the term that is used negro is like where did that come from? you have to go, nobody i've never heard -- it's bizarre. so out of the what? 50s? >> it's a very 1958-ness of it that made it weird. president obama was you can say being the ta
on the federal court in the state of nevada was a -- work i did. >> greta: byron york for the washington examiner. he certainly has gotten himself into a fix. >> he says he's not going to talk about it any more. he says he's made his final statement on this the key moment in this whole reid affair happened saturday afternoon, right after the news broke. that was when the white house sent out a statement from president obama saying that senator reid made that unfortunate choice of words but he's a good man and president obama supports him and he, president obama, considers the matter closed. that sent a signal to democrats everywhere, defend reid. they circled the wagons, the congressional black caucus mostly in the house, has defended him. it is pretty clear that democrats are not going to let senator reid go down because of this converse. >> >> greta: mo -- who was insulted? who should accept the apology president obama was the express target. what about african-americans in nevada? the term used in grow it is like, where did that come from? i mean, you have to go -- i've never -- it is like biz
debate race. >> it's a little weird right here in the washington bureau -- >> it's uncomfortable. >> we just realized, wow, savannah came in here and was, out of here, and just took my chair. >> it's like the oakland as, remember the oakland as back in the 1970s, they might win on the field, but they would beat the hell out of each other in the locker room afterwards. let me tell you something, these people hate each other -- >> and us, apparently -- >> with a deep-seated hatred. >> having said that, you're seconds away from the daily rundown. >> and willie geist, if it's way damned too early, what time is it? >> it's "morning joe." but right now it's time for the premiere of "the daily rundown". >> a "daily rundown" live exclusive. rahm emanuel. >> and democrats circle the wagons around harry reid, but do republicans smell an opportunity? we'll talk to a senator who wants reid out. it's january 11th, 2010. i'm chuck todd. >> and i'm savannah guthrie. let's get right to the rundown. we'll start with the news from the white house. nothing to see here. senior aides say they aringn't sweat
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